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Care instructions

Furniture is there to be enjoyed for a long time. We use high-quality fabrics which not only look good but are also durable and easy to clean. You will find some easy cleaning tips on this page. Please note the cleaning instructions for your individual piece of furniture. In case of doubt please ask a specialist for advice.

Avoid intense sunlight or artificial light on your furniture. Vacuum the cover regularly using the upholstery nozzle and a soft brush. To remove spots please read the following instructions. The basic rule is to treat stains as fast as possible always using a damp cloth. In case of doubt we recommend asking a cleaning professional. The dealer from whom you bought the furniture will also be happy to help you. 

Fabric cover

Please clean marks and stains with care and without applying pressure. Remove liquids with an absorbent cloth simply by dabbing, not rubbing. Do not scratch off dried marks but clean them carefully with distilled water (30 degrees Celsius) using shampoo or mild detergent. Dirt containing protein (such as blood) must be cleaned with cold water. Give the fabric cover some time to dry.

 Care instructions for fabric

Microfiber cover

Microfiber has a natural velvety surface and is therefore especially easy to look after. All you need is a smooth brush. In most cases marks are easy to clean. Warm soapy water (30-40 degrees Celsius) and neutral soap is enough. Stubbon marks (e.g. chewing gum, ballpoint pen marks, shoe polish) should be treated with perchlorethylene.

Care instructions for microfibre

Leather cover

The leather should be cleaned for the first time after half a year (not before). From then on we advise you to clean it 2 to 4 times a year. Please keep a minimum distance of 30 cm from sources of heat such as radiators. Avoid direct sunlight. Dust the leather with a dry cloth once a week so that dust does not get into the pores. Never use stain remover, solvent, turpentine, shoe polish or any other cleaning agents.

Furniture care shop

Special cleaning agents can be purchased in our online shop which we operate in cooperation with our expert partner LCK.

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We recommend Keralux.

Repairs and new covers

WERTHER builds furniture pieces to enjoy and that are made to share nice moments. As they fit in your home, they are becoming a part of the family. This wellbeing is intended to be kept as long as possible.

WERHTER always focuses on long lasting quality. This is why we only use high quality material, which often lasts longer than the covering. So why replace the old sofa when you can also repair it? 

Feel free to contact us, so that your favourite piece of furniture can regain the position in your life that it deserves. And to share a lot more nice momentes with it....