WERTHER – Die Möbelmanufaktur

WERTHER - The furniture manufactory was founded over 100 years ago and is still run as a family business today in the fourth generation. A high level of experience, craftsmanship by highly specialised employees in our Werther factory and a pronounced passion for timeless design give rise to products that are as unique as they are individual. Products that you can tell are first-class. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. A frame made of hardwood and an "interior" made of cold foam or spring core convey top quality Made in Germany.

WERTHER upholstered furniture is made for individualists with high demands on quality and design. For small and large rooms, sometimes delicate, sometimes less so. Exclusive fabrics from the best international publisher collections and weaving mills as well as hand-picked leathers of German or European origin leave no design wish unfulfilled. Special seams and intricate handcrafted details make it possible to individualise each piece of furniture. A small, fine range of occasional furniture adds further accents to the assortment.

With "Made in Germany", we have consciously chosen Germany as our location. This is the only way to achieve our ambitious corporate goals sustainably and in the long term. This makes WERTHER - Die Möbelmanufaktur a reliable and predictable partner.

Klaus und Doris Oberwelland
[Translate to English:] Lea Oberwelland
[Translate to English:] Lea Oberwelland

Being the fourth generation to run a company means having built up a lot of knowledge and always developing and adapting to the times. We want to preserve this tradition by acting responsibly and sustainably. Design aspiration and future orientation: With such a long history, the current reference and progress must not be lost. This is also something we have firmly resolved to do. To use tradition and at the same time promote innovation. To take up current design demands and, together with design teams, to create long-lasting and aesthetic values.

100 years of manufacture

For four generations now, the company has stood for upscale furnishing concepts "Handmade in Germany". Our core competence is and will continue to be exclusive interior design with the development of individual pieces of furniture made to measure with the highest quality standards. We see the associated flexibility due to our high vertical range of manufacture as a unique selling point for our handicraft business.  Every piece of furniture that leaves our production is basically unique.

Very cheap or extremely individual and quality-conscious, these are the two extremes of the future. For the latter target group, flexible living solutions that are space-optimised and yet design-oriented are in demand - we would like to serve this target group and thus beautify our customers' homes for many years to come. Because in this private place, where we spend many hours every day, we should also feel really comfortable!


 Hugo Oberwelland
Hugo Oberwelland

In 1919, Hugo Oberwelland founded a small saddlery in Bielefeld, about 15 kilometres from the current location in the Häger district of Werther. It was not until the next generation that the business developed further and set the course for becoming an internationally recognised furniture manufacturer.

Marianne und Hermann Oberwelland
Marianne and Hermann Oberwelland gave the starting signal for handmade upholstered furniture after 1945.

After 1945, Hermann Oberwelland, Hugo Oberwelland's son, took over the saddlery with his wife Marianne and began developing and producing high-quality classic upholstered sets and upholstered system furniture in parallel.

Eckhard, Ulrich und Klaus Oberwelland
Eckhard, Ulrich und Klaus Oberwelland

Until 2000, Hermann Oberwelland's three sons managed the company together. Eckhard the administration, Ulrich the sales and Klaus the production. Since 2001, Klaus has been the sole owner of WERTHER.

Doris und Klaus Oberwelland
Doris and Klaus Oberwelland developed WERTHER into a TOP brand with international designers.

Since 2003, the company has been managed in the third generation by Klaus and Doris Oberwelland with commitment and foresight. WERTHER developed very successfully into a specialist in the niche market of petite sets. In 2006, WERTHER Classic became WERTHER - Die Möbelmanufaktur.

Tim und Lea Oberwelland
Tim and Lea Oberwelland - Start of the fourth generation

Tim Oberwelland graduated from the furniture trade college in Cologne and has been with the company since 2011. He primarily takes care of sales and lives a partnership-based exchange with retailers and employees. After completing her Master's degree in "Marketing and Sales", Tim's sister Lea Oberwelland has been a member of WERTHER's steering committee since 2017.