We act for the future

Sustainability is an essential component and lived principle for our manufactory. For us, acting sustainably has many dimensions. On the one hand, it refers to the materials that go into the furniture. A durable interior with high-quality raw materials and cover materials creates a piece of furniture that will give pleasure for a long time. We choose our materials carefully and pay special attention to their origin. Starting with the frame, we use wood from controlled reforestation. The upholstery consists of high-quality foams, whose hardness you can determine yourself. For the cover, we offer high-quality and durable materials such as pure wool or even highly durable synthetic fibres, which are also produced in Germany.

In addition to the product-related sustainability aspects, we are also concerned about the contribution of our own production facility to the environment. Our manufactory produces 100 percent of its electricity through a modern photovoltaic system, thus avoiding emissions of around five tons of CO2 per year. Wood waste is reused in-house and is used to produce heat that is fed back into our own production and administration. Collected rainwater is used to irrigate our entire production area. Thus, not only our materials are selected with the highest standards, but our entire company has the claim to relieve the environment and to live the awareness of sustainability.